Another river season comes to an end for me….

Well I booked three days of work and decided to go on a few pike sessions out in the Fens, as not had a proper go for them since January.

The drains I fished were,  The Middle Level, Forty Foot and a local land drain.

These sessions were very disappointing, but I was able to manage a lovely jack pike from the forty foot.  Everywhere else,  I blanked.

It didn’t help as we had just got over the “Beast From The East” winter snap, and the drains were not in the best form. If it wasn’t the snow melt, it was the heavy rain. They were pumping very hard and very coloured.

After speaking to a few anglers, I was happy to know, I was not the only one who was struggling!

Anyway, overall I had a great season, and managed to smash my Catfish pb, which was a highlight, as well as experiencing a fantastic red letter day tench fishing on the forty foot, on the first day of the season.

I have a couple more zander sessions on a still water to come, before I hang up the predator rods for a while, so keep an eye on my website.

As from April, I will be bringing out the beachcasters I have, for a spot of sea fishing.

Then as from June 16th, I will be digging out the feeder rods and be back on the drains and rivers, after the bream and tench.

In the meantime, keep an eye on my website, as I will no doubt be fishing a few still waters and commercials between May and June.

Tight lines to everyone!


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  1. Paul Sumption says:

    It was adverse conditions but we will be returning the the middle level 😉

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