Friday 13th October – Cut Off Channel

Well as autumn is here, I am now starting to visit my usual evening session haunts.

I always tend to visit this drain this time of year, and always seem to do well in the evenings. It is also one of my favourite drains and perfect, if you want that shelter and that peace and quite.

I arrived here after work, just as it was getting dark, and could see fish topping, which was a good sign. They also continued to top, well into the night, and the water had some slight colour in it which also helped.

Nothing until around half ten, when I had a screamer of a run but missed it!

All I can think it may of been, was either a small jack trying to the mouth the bait which was a medium sized skimmer bream, or even a zander just being very finicky.

Was  gutted, but who cares. It was lovely just being in the depth of the fens, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Despite this misfortune,  I am always positive about this place, as I know that if you do connect to one of the pike and zeds here, they are always a good size.

Good luck for anyone fishing this weekend.

An example of a pike you could be lucky enough to catch in this hard, but picturesque drain.





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