Friday 6th October – More fun with the fenland predators!

I had a free evening, so ventured back out after some zeds. I went to the same venue I visited the week before.

It started off very quite then at around 9pm, my left hand rod screamed off. I picked up the rod, and struck into the fish. The fish kept low and was putting up a scrap, and really putting me through my paces.

I knew it wasn’t a zander, and could only guess it was a good sized pike. I didn’t actually see it until I got it into the net.

Once it was in the net, I was about to take it up to the unhooking mat, weigh, and take some photos.

However I found myself in a bit of dilema.

The second rod screamed off and kept on going. There was me standing there with a double figure pike in the net, and not knowing what to do next.

I put the landing net down with the pike in the margins, and struck into the second run.

Thankfully it felt nowhere near as big as the pike, and didn’t fight so hard either, so knew it was zed.

I was hoping that the pike would stay in the net, so at least I could chin the zed out, but as usual my plan backfired. There was as very large splash and the pike managed to clear the landing net and disappear into the depths.

Anyway I managed to get the zed clear of the water, and was left standing there holding a 5ib zed in a state of shock. The pike was a very large fish, easily an upper double, maybe more.

This is the second time it has happened to me, so have now decided to carry two landing nets from now on.

Lesson learned!

Well on the bright side, at least I didn’t blank! lol




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