Pre Season Madness on Roswell Pits

Since my last visit to Roswell pits, I have been fishing it most weeks and been very successful. The thing I love about this lake, is that you have all sorts of fishing available to you.

From deep reed fringed, gulley’s and overhangs perfect for predators like Zander and Pike and bream at one end.

Then to perfect lily beds and channels around islands at the other end. Perfect for all the summer species.

As you can guess, I spent most of my time after tench and bream, but in particular the very large Rudd that lurk the depths. As you saw in my last post, I was fortunate enough to get a brace of two stunning rudd, which got me hooked, catching these bars of gold.

So how did I do?

As I have fished Roswell all the way through the close season, I was starting to learn where the fish hang out. I was noticing the big bream tended to show in the deeper end of the pit, and had some beauties, as you can see below.

As for the rudd, I deliberately waited until the lily bed started to show and the water temperatures started to rise. before I had a go after them.

I had a walk round the lake most evenings, and was seeing some very large fish topping around the lily beds, and they all seemed to be around an hour or so before darkness.

I returned with the feeder rod, and was getting them, but was being pestered by Bream. Great fun but not my intended species. So I decided to change tactics.

On my last visit, I left my feeder rod at home, and took my float rod instead, armed with a couple tins of sweetcorn. I arrived a couple of hours before darkness, and there they were right on que, topping around the lily beds.

I setup the float rod with a waggler setup and hair rigged corn on a size 12 hook, and set the depth, just a couple of foot below the surface. I was also throwing a few kernels of corn around the float for each cast.

After about half an hour, I could see fish rising in the swim and was into my first fish, not the intended target species, but a nice bream. I kept at it, and was starting to pick up a few more bream, and then the rudd started to show.

It was constant, then it started to slow down. They were all caught just off the lily beds.

When it started to slow down, I then baited up another swim to the left of me.

It was a gorgeous looking swim, with a lovely clear patch, amongst a semi circle of lily’s.

I scattered a few kernels of corn around the float as usual, then I saw something rather large, swirl on the surface. With a sense of anticipation I cast the float near where the fish surfaced and waited patiently for half an hour, sprinkling corn around the float,  then the float slowly sailed beneath the surface. I struck into the fish, and it was racing all over the place.

When it hit the surface, I thought it was a bream, but then it dived below the surface and I saw the red fins. I was stunned, it was my intended species.

I kept calm and netted the fish. Shaking at what I was in my net, I called my mates over, as I wanted them to see this fish.

They came over and were stunned. We weighed the fish, It was a lovely 2ib 80z Rudd, just short of my PB, and my first from Roswell.

After a few photos, we returned the beauty back into the depths.

2ib 8oz of pure gold.

Many thanks to Paul Sumption  and Dave Flynn for helping me get the best photo.

(My self takes have been very bad recently!) lol

This was my last visit to Roswell, as now starting to focus on the rivers and drains, but definitely will be back for another go after these beauties.

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