Predator Gallery

Just a few of my favourite predator catches from over the years.



  Weight: 12ib 7oz                                               Weight: 16ib 10oz

Where: Little Ouse                                          Where: Ely Ouse

 Weight: 14ib  5oz                                             Weight: 15ib 2oz (PB on lure)

Where: Ely Ouse                                              Where: Ely Ouse


Weight: 10ib                                              Weight: 9ib 6oz

Where: Ely Ouse                                        Where: River Lark   

Weight: 11ib                                                      Weight: 12.5ib

Where: Ely Ouse                                              Where: Ely Ouse


Weight: Lower Double                                  Weight: Lower Double

Where: Ely Ouse                                              Where: Ten Mile Bank


Weight: Lower Double                                  Weight: Lower Double

Where: Ten Mile Bank                                   Where: Ten Mile Bank



The Big Drains

  Weight: 19ib 9oz                                                Weight: 11ib 4oz

Where: Cut Off Channel                               Where: Cut Off Channel

Weight: 15ib 5oz                                               Weight: 4/5ib

Where: Middle Level Drain                         Where: Sixteen Foot

Weight: 13ib

Where: Middle Level


25 ib 1oz, Very special fish for me.


Weight: Possible lower Double                 Weight: 12ib 60z  

Where: Cut Off Channel                               Where: Fenland Drain

Weight: 16ib 

Where: Fenland Drain


Weight: 6ib                                                        Weight: 12ib 6oz

Where: Fenland Drain                                   Where: Fenland Drain

Weight: Lower Double

Where: Fenland Drain


Land Drains

 Weight: 13ib 7oz                                              Weight: 11ib

 Weight: 9ib 3oz                                                 Weight: 10ib 5oz


 Weight: 11ib                                                       Weight: 14ib 7oz


Weight: 17ib 9oz                                                Weight: 15ib 5oz

Weight: 11ib                                                      Weight: Upper Double

Weight: Lower Double                                     Weight: Around 6ib

Two upper doubles caught at the same time, just yards from each other.

Great moment and first for us both.


Weight: 19.5ib

Still Waters



Weight: Unknown

Where: Clay Pit, Roswell Pits

Weight: 16ib                                                      Weight: 12ib

Where: Secret Fenland Lake                      Where: Secret Fenland Lake

Weight: 15ib

Where:Fenland Marina



 Weight: 9ib. 80z                                               Weight: My PB zander so far.

Where: Ely Ouse                                                 Where: Ely Ouse

 Weight: 5ib                                                         Weight: 10ib 2oz

Where: Ely Ouse                                               Where: Ten Mile Bank

 Weight: 3ib                                                           Weight: 11ib 6oz

Where: Ten Mile Bank                                   Where: River Lark




Weight: Lower Double                                  Weight:  3ib

Where: Ten Mile Bank                                  Where: Ely Ouse


Weight: 7ib (Front View)                               Weight: 7ib (Side View)

Where: Ely Ouse                                                Where: Ely Ouse


Weight: 9.5ib                                                     Weight: 1.5ib

Where: Ely Ouse                                               Where: Ely Ouse

Weight: 10.5ib                                                Weight: 6ib

Where: Ely Ouse                                            Where: Fenland Marina


Weight: 8ib                                                          Weight: 5ib

Where: Fenland Marina                                 Where: Ten Mile Bank

Weight: 10ib 1oz 

Where Ely Ouse

The Big Drains

 – Weight: 6ib 2oz                                                Weight: 7ib 8oz

Where: Forty Foot Drain                              Where: Cut Off Channel

Weight: 2ib (Caught on maggot feeder!)

Where: Middle Level

Weight: 11ib 1oz

Where: Fenland Drain 

Still Waters

Weight: 4ib

Where: Clay Pit, Roswell Pit


The Big Drains                                                                      

Weight: 1ib 8oz 

Where: Middle Level


  Weight: Unknown                                           Weight: 2ib 10z

Where: Great Ouse Weir Pool                  Where: River Lark


Weight: 3ib                                                      Weight: Unknown

Where: Fenland Marina                             Where: Ely Ouse


Will update, when I get more special fenland predators!

















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