Thursday 25th January – Red Letter ‘Evening’ on a Fenland Drain!

I am lucky enough to get out fishing one evening week, and as you know this time of year I use this time to target the zander.

I had text from a friend, who fancied a session, and of course I obliged.

We had intended to give Well Creek a go, but on this occasion we decided to change our plans and visit the Middle Level.

We chose an area which was very close to my friends heart. He lost his father last year, and this particular area, was one of his favourite spots.

We arrived just after six, and the conditions were perfect. Slight breeze, and not too cold. My friend had three rods and I had two.

We were there just over an hour, then my friends buzzer, on the right hand rod broke the fenland silence with a couple of beeps, then a screaming run. He picked the rod up and struck into the fish.

After a few minutes and battling with the fish, and almost losing it in the reeds, a lovely pike broke the surface and graced the net.

As soon as I picked the fish up, I had a feeling it was an upper double or maybe a twenty.

After getting stuck in the mud, and almost losing a boot, I scrambled up the bank and helped my friend unhook the fish, we took some photos and weighed it.

My inclinations were right, and it was 20ib on the nose!

As you can imagine, my friend was over the moon, and it was his first twenty from the level and in the night. After releasing the fish, we simply had to have a celebratory brew!

Beautifully marked fenland twenty.

After about half an hour and settling down after the excitement of the pike, my left hand rod beeped once. At first I thought it was a bit of weed, then a couple of minutes it beeped not once, but twice.  On the second beep, I clambered down the bank and struck into the fish.

At first I thought it was a jack pike, but my friend was standing next to me, with the net and saw it roll.

He then shouted ‘It’s a zed!’ at this point I could feel the excitement bursting to come out of me, as this could be the first zed I have had from the level, for quite a few years.

I kept calm and played the fish into the net. As soon as the fish was in the net, I said ‘You are right it is a zed!’ and that’s when the excitement came out of me.

We both cheered and high fived each other. It was a lovely feeling, to see one of these now rather elusive fish come out of the level . We were both buzzing.

Not only had we had a caught lovely pike, we also caught a gorgeous zed aswell in the same night, and from a very hard drain. These sessions are quite rare these days!

After taking some photos, we released the Zed back into the depths, put the kettle on and reminisced on our success.

Lovely 7ib 12oz Zander

These two were the only fish we had, but it was by far the best fenland evening session I have had for a very long time, and in great company.

We most definitely will be back here very, very soon!




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