Saturday 18th November – Twenty Foot Drain

Had a full day out in the fens today. Was a very slow session. Got to the drain very slow, and started off in my usual hot spot.

Unusually I had nothing, not even a run. I sat it out to lunchtime, but moved on.

I then moved on to another of my favourite spots, but there was a match, so was unable to fish it. Running out of ideas, I started to head back through the fens, hoping to find a spot. I was lucky to find an area where a couple of drains criss cross each other and dropped in a couple of float setups. Within minutes, the left hand float started to bob and then disappear beneath the surface.  I struck into the fish, and was into a lovely fish. Not quite a double, but not far off. Took a photo, and released it back into the depths. I had no more after this, but was running out of time. so packed up.

As I packed up, the bailiff arrived. I had a chat and the bailiff mentioned an area of the drain, that belongs to the club, but very rarely gets fished.

He happened to mention that a few twenty’s have come out over recent years, and might be a worth a shot, if you are prepared to wander.

As you know, I do like my roving sessions, so will give the said area of the drain a go ait some point. Watch this space!

The only pike I was lucky enough to bank today. Not massive, but better than blanking.


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