Saturday 2nd December – Lincolnshire Drains

I have a contact over in Lincolnshire, so arranged a visit to try the drains over there. Left home just before dawn, and got there just as the sun got up. The first venue we tried was the Sibsey Trader.

We arrived to find a lot of surface weed. After a good drive, we eventually found a weed free swim. We setup up and spent the morning there. I blanked, but my mate had two. On Jack and  lower double. It then went quite, and we headed over to the hob hole drain, not miles from Boston.

This was unusually low for the time of year, but apparently this is the standard winter levels for the drains out here, which is different to Cambridgeshire/Norfolk drains.

Anyhow, not deterred we gave it a go. I had a fish take the float fished sardine, but unfortunately, it was abler to shake the hook off. It also looked a good fish aswell. I was gutted, but not prepared to give up. Carried on going, but nothing.

If I had more time, I probably would of fished into the night, but had a hour and a half drive home to look forward too.

Overall it was a great day and in great company. I am looking at revisiting in the new year, before the season finishes.

Plenty of potential in the area.


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