Saturday October 14th – Ely Ouse

Had a few hours to spare today, so took my boy back down to the Ely Ouse, for another fishing session, except on this occasion I also took one of my pike rods.

Well after setting up, and casting literally a rod lengths from the edge, we were catching fish from the off.

We were after the roach, but we seemed to be catching some lovely perch, they were really feeding well. If they were not after the maggots we were using, they were attacking the prey fish! Great fun watching them and catching them.

Anyway the float sunk under, and my boy was into a very large fish.

At first I thought I pike may of grabbed a roach, or even possibly a bream or tench, but when the fish surfaced, we were both stunned.

He had caught the biggest perch I have seen for a long time. This was also his PB so far.

Absolute cracker!

My sons biggest perch. One very happy boy! This is exactly why I love fishing so much.

But that was not all. Before the perch showed I had a run on the pike rod.

After a nice scrap, I had a lovely pike. It didn’t bother me that much, as I have had a few of these now, but my boy had never seen one before. He loved it, and now wants to catch his first pike.

Not the best picture, but this was great seeing my boys face when I netted it.

All the perch and roach were caught on stick float tactics, and the pike on a static, ledgered dead bait.

What a great afternoons fishing!



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