Sunday 22nd October – Revisiting an Old Haunt

Not had a proper pike session yet, so thought I would go out on my first one of the season today. I had planned to visit the Ouse at Littleport, but there was a match on.

Being in a bit of dilemma, I thought I would revisit an old haunt, as it was only a ten minute drive away.

Arrived at the location, and looked perfect, if overgrown and neglected which I prefer as know it hasn’t been fished for a while.

After having a wander, I eventually found two gaps between the reeds and opposite some boats. I used a float and ledger setup.

Within minutes of the casting the float out, it started to bob and disappeared below the surface and I struck into the fish. After a few minutes, a lovely fish graced the net.


9ib 8oz

I recast the float with a new course bait, and finished setting up my ledger rod and cast out. Went quite for a while, then the ledger rod sprung into action. I struck into the run, but nothing was there, however the bait wasn’t in the best of condition, so I am thinking it was a jack, just mouthing the bait. It then went quite.

After lunch, it was still quite so I wandered further up the bank and found another swim in between the reeds. This looked perfect as had some nice bushes opposite. I cast both baits near the bushes, but nothing showed. I stayed there for  a few hours, but the winds were getting up, and the weed was becoming a problem, due to the increase in flow.

After a while, it became a bit of a nuisance, so I headed back. I was going to quickly, have a go in a land drain, but it was full of weed.

Overall it was a great day, and nice to be back at this location.  I do have a feeling there are some lumps here still. So looking forward to heading back very soon.

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