Sunday February 11th – First Winter Chub Session On The River Cam.

Well, I have been seeing a few nice chub coming out the River Cam over the last few weeks, so fancied a bit of the action on my favourite stretch of the river. I invited another angling friend of mine, who has never fished this stretch of the River Cam before, who jumped at the chance.

I picked him up, just after 7am, and we got to the river just after half past seven.

On arrival the river looked perfect.  Lovely colour in it, and a slight breeze blowing.  I set the rod, and baited up with cheese paste.

Before I cast out, I chucked a few cubes of paste out and left it for a ten minutes, then cast the leger setup out.

Within minutes, the rod hooped round and I was into my first fish, I felt it kick, then the line went slack. The 4.4ib hook length had snapped at the knot.

After this mishap, I changed to a straight through setup, using 6ib line with a size 8 wide gape hook. I had no more bites in this swim, but my mate had a knock, but missed it. I tried a second swim, but nothing else.

We worked our way along the river as the day want on, but the conditions were getting harder. The wind speed increased, and made it more difficult to cast out and tell whether bites were genuine or not, due to the tips bouncing about, then there was a sharp snow and hail shower, which didn’t help, but we kept going.

Around lunchtime, things started to improve, the wind dropped slightly and my mate was into his first fish. A lovely little jack pike on his lure rod.

In the final couple of hours I lost a second fish. It succeeded in biting through the line. I am thinking it may of been a eel, or even a rogue pike. Gutted at losing the second fish of the day, I was beginning to get frustrated and wondering where I was going wrong, but i stuck with the methods I was using.

The last hour of daylight, I had a couple of nice knocks on the rod, then it looped round and I struck into a fish.

Determined not to lose it, I eventually netted it.

A lovely, plump, chub graced the net. After a couple of photos, and releasing the fish back into the depths, I recast and was into my second fish within minutes, but it dropped the hook.

After losing this fish, the swim went dead and the daylight was slowly disappearing, so reluctantly we headed back to the car.

The only chub of the day, but was worth it!

Overall it was a very hard days fishing, but was worth it.

Will be heading back in March, for another go.



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  1. Paul Sumption says:

    I’m famous! Top day all round…

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