Sunday March 4th – Final River Cam Winter Chub Session

After my last Chub session, I had a text from a friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a long time. He saw my success from the last session, and fancied a go himself, so off we went.

We arrived at dawn, and started off in my favourite spot of the stretch. Within minutes of my first cast, I had a lovely pull down on the rod and hooked into a lump. It scrapped for a bit, and then the hook pulled out. Was gutted.

We gave it a bit longer, but it had gone dead. We then decided to move the next swim.

We had baited up the area and cast the rods out. My friend rod tip hooped round, and he struck into something, then there was an almighty crack and he had succeeded in breaking his rod! Looking a bit red faced, he brought the rod in (Now in two halves) and a lovely chub around 2ib was on the end. Lovely fish, if a bit expensive for him!

We had a couple more takes, but missed them. We tried a few more swims, but blanked. We gave it a couple more hours, then moved back to the swim we started off in, as given it a chance to rest after missing the fish earlier. I chucked a few cheese paste samples out, and cast out the rod.  I had a couple of taps on the tip, the rod hooped round. I struck into the fish and was finally in. A fish just over 2ib.

After the rod breaking on him earlier, he was able to do a temporary fix and cast back out (With the aid of sellotape!) but it was starting to break apart again, so he headed home.

I carried on fishing, but moved to another location on the stretch, where I have been very successful.

After arriving at the spot, I chucked out some lumps of cheese paste and cast the rod out. After about twenty minutes I had a couple of timid taps on the tip, then it hooped round. I struck down into the fish, and was in. Weighed it, and it was just over 3ib.

It was a lovely clean fish aswell. I threw some more cheese paste out, and within ten minutes of recasting, I was into my second fish.

Not as big as the first one, but it still was a pristine fish.

Overall it was a cracking days fishing, and great to get two fish from the same swim, even better straight after the snow melt.

Will be back again with luncheon meat in the summer.






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