Sunday November 5th – Middle Level

Lovely sunset over the fen drains. Taken on the way home.

Not had full days pike fishing yet on the drains yet, so fancied a go.

Arrived at the drain a couple of hours before light, and had a go after the zeds.

I had nothing at all which was a shame. I then had a couple of hours catching some live baits and when I had enough baits , I got the pike rods prepared.

One was rigged up with a float fished live bait and the other on a sliding ledger dead bait.

I had nothing until mid afternoon, when the ledger rod screamed off.

Struck into the fish, and landed a 6ib 2oz jack pike.  It was caught on smelt.

The conditions were not right as it was full on sunshine all day, and the pike didn’t show until early afternoon when it started to cloud over.

Overall it was great to be out again on the drains, but shame the pike were not that hungry.

Will be back again very soon.

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