The wait is over… The rivers are open!

Hope everyone has had a good start to the season.  I was not able to get out on the first day, but was able to get out twice last week.

My first session was on the Old West river. Just a short evening session after work. I arrived to a lovely and calm river, fish topping  everywhere and spotted a few bream rolling.

After seeing this, I decided to use the feeder rod approach. I was getting loads of rudd and skimmers, then just as darkness fell, I was getting into the bream. I managed a couple of bream, and still was getting bites, but unfortunately I had to go.

Tiredness got the better of me!

Will be back again soon!

Biggest of the two Old West Bream

First session on the Ely Ouse

Dawn on the Ely Ouse

Arrived at the crack of dawn to a lovely mist covered river. Plenty of fish topping so was looking good. Setup my usual feeder rod and baited up the swim. Bites from the off. Packed up lunch time and was happy with a mixed bag of skimmers,roach and perch. Great fun and will be back soon.

Going after the tench on a fenland drain one evening this week.

Keep an eye on my catch reports!


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