Thursday 28th September – Time for some Predators!


Well it’s that time of year again.

Over the last few months, I have replaced worn out gear and line, and wanted to make sure it was up for the job, and ready for another fenland pike and zander season, so off I went.

I finished work, and headed straight down to the fenland venue.

When I arrived there was just a slight breeze, and plenty of fish topping everywhere. The signs were looking good.

I had a wander around, and found a perfect spot. I cast one rod to the left of me. in front of some reeds, literally two rods from the bank and the second rod quite a long way out.

As it started to get dark I had one dropped take, which was most likely a schoolie zander, then it went quite.

At about 10pm, the rod nearest the margins beeped a couple of times, then it was a fantastic run. I struck into the fish. At first I thought it was a pike, but it had that characteristic head shake of a zed, then it surfaced and those eyes reflected in my headlamp.

After netting the fish, admiring it’s beauty, I took some photos and released it back into depths. I was a very happy man.

Zander Number One

After it calmed down in the swim, I made a brew, then as per usual as I was about to take a sip, the rod nearest the margins went off again. After spilling my brew all over the place, I made my down the bank and struck into the fish. Again I thought it was a pike, but when it surfaced it was zander number two, and a good one aswell.

I was very happy, to have one zander in the night, but two, that was a bonus!

Zander Number Two

Both of the zander were caught on bleak deadbaits, but unfortunately I ran out of them.

However I had roach and skimmer deadbaits.

I thought I would experiment with half a roach, as do know these can be quite effective for the zander.

Out it went, then about twenty minutes later the buzzer nearest the margin screamed off again.

At first I thought it was a good Zander, but no, it was a very feisty pike.

Nice lower double pike.

Overall it was a spectacular start to the predator season for me and I am really looking forward to some more sessions like this.

Especially when it comes to the zander, bearing in mind how thin on the ground these are in the fens at the moment.

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