Wednesday November 1st – Ely Ouse

Determined to try and get some zeds from the ouse, as has been a while now,  I visited a stretch on the Ely Beet club, which was once a zander hotspot. After setting up in the dark, I cast out both rods. One to the opposite bank, and one in the centre channel. It was very quite until around 9pm when I had my first run.

It was a very finicky bite and I could see the tip moving slightly. I struck into the fish, but missed. On checking the bait, It had a couple of puncture marks. Most definitely a zander, and probably a schoolie.

As I was packing up around 11pm, the rod beeped once and the buzzer screamed.

I ran down the bank from the car, and struck into the fish. It tore off down the river and back up again.  It felt a lump. After the fight, it then went slack, and I thought I lost it.

I tightened up, then it shot off again, then it went slack. The fish was gone.

Not sure what happened, but was gutted. Definitely thinking it was a good sized pike.

After this, I just finished packing up and went home.

Will be back, and the signs are looking good for me, so will not give up!

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