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Please send any special fenland photos you would like to share with me to the email address below:



   Name: Colin Easey                                           Name: Colin Easey

Species/Weight: 18ib Pike                               Species/Weight: Tench

Where: River Lark                                            Where: Roswell Pits, Ely


Name: Colin Easey

Species/Weight: Pike

Where: Counterwash Drain



Name: Keith Clanfield                Name: Keith Clanfield

Species/Weight: 17ib Pike          Species/Weight: Zander

Where: Unknown                         Where: Ely Ouse







Name: Keith Clanfield

Species/Weight: 22ib Pike

Where: Ely Ouse


Name: John Weddup

Species/Weight: Four nice sized bream. Just a few from a busy session

Where: Ten Mile Bank




Name: Nick Clare

Species/Weight: Zander

Where: Various Fenland Drains

Some cracking zander. Well done Nick!

Name: Lee Chapman                                   Name: Steve Wright

Species/Weight:Pike                                      Species/Weight: Pike – 15ib 8oz

Where: Ely Ouse                                            Where: Land Drain

Name: Colin Easey                                         Name: Colin Easey

Species/Weight: Pike – 21ib 80z                 Species/Weight: Pike – Lower Double

Where: Land Drain                                          Where: Land Drain

Name: John Weddup                                    Name: John Weddup

Species/Weight: 6 Bream up 5ib 15oz       Species/Weight: Cracking 6ib 2oz Tench

Where: Ten Mile Bank                                   Where: Ten Mile Bank


Name: Steve Wright

Species/Weight: 15ib Mirror

Where: Heritage Lake

Name: Keith Clanfield

Species/Weight: 18ib Carp

Where: Small fenland pond


Name: Sean Wright

Species/Weight: Two beautiful fenland rudd. Biggest 1ib.

Where: Twenty Foot


Name: Sean Wright                                       Name: Sean Wright

Species/Weight: 4ib Tench                           Species/Weight: 5ib 4oz Tench

Where: Twenty Foot                                      Where: Twenty Foot

Name: Martin Sharpe

Species/Weight: A couple of nice double figure pike

Where: Old Bedford

Name: Romualdas Kokstis

Species/Weight: Pike

Where: Fenland Drain

Name: Romualdas Kokstis

Species/Weight: Cracking Lure Caught Pike

Where: Fenland Drain

Name: Romualdas Kokstis

Species/Weight:19ib 8oz

Where: Fenland Drain

Species: 12ib 8oz Zander

Where: Great Ouse


















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