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Our Visit to the Fens  –  jweddup

I had intended to revisit the broads for a bit of roach bream fishing this weekend but the allure of the fens won the day. The mystery moodiness and unpredictability of fens fishing just keeps me interested and a devoted fan.

This weekend was always going to be a challenge with the weather turning very hot. The fishing has been slow starting for many on the rivers so I had to think carefully what to do. I decided, upon good advice from a new friend and the very helpful KLAA bailiffs to try the middle level. Several bags of fish had been had but things were slowing with the hot weather.

I travelled to crooked chimney after persuading a friend to join me. He has come to the fold and joined KLAA as well. We fish right through the winter and nights as well so hopefully will be able to report many more weekends of good catches.

We introduced a little bait ready for the morning start at first light. It was a slow start but eventually both put a good bag of skimmers and hybrids together. A few of the skimmers were a good golden bronze and about 1.5lbs so just about mature bream. Amazingly we were able to keep them on the feed until midday when we had intended to move back to ten mile bank. A very enjoyable session. We both want to return soon with the pole and have another go.

We rested at ten mile until it was cooler and then introduced a little bait. The evening into dark was fruitless with us both deciding to rest for a while ready for first light. I did have a couple of rods out on alarms over night but no activity was had.

The morning was more promising with a quick start and a couple of good bream in the net for me. Several good sized skimmers then followed and 2 more proper bream. Darrell had 2 good bream also and a few skimmers. The roach are yet to show but they were topping at first light and last light so the promise of good roach fishing is to come. Talking of which the middle level was teaming with small fry medium fry and small roach along the length that we walked. A healthy sign.

We were very happy with the weekends fishing. We both had lots of fish and a few good sized ones. The tench are yet to show for us as are the roach but we will be back to try again soon.

Another good day on the Middle Level – jweddup
Had another enjoyable session on middle level.
I have a friend who is very poorly at present infact only has a short while to go. He has shaped my fishing over recent years and taught me a lot about the delicate side of our sport. With this in mind I decided friends are important and the last couple of weekends have spent my time fishing with an old buddy that used to fish with me a lot. We had drifted apart as he is match orientated and me a bit more specimen.
This weekend we fished the middle level. Would have been nice to see you. I had decided to fish the slider.A  method not used much since the pole became popular but a very good one for the deep fen drains and ten mile bank . My friend Mick is very good at it.  I made a quick visit to benwicks to purchase a specialist rod I had my eye on. A 14ft continental slider rod with bigger rings. 
The rod is fantastic and after getting a few tangles Saturday morning settled down to catching skimmers small bream and the odd roach all day. I loved it. A real change from watching the tip or bobbins and alarms. I recommend a session float fishing to anyone to rekindle the feeling of childhood fishing. 
Nearly switched to ten mile for Sunday but stayed put. It was a very relaxed spot and comfortable. Again fished the slider although put out a couple of predator rods as well. The skimmers were a little slower but a perch of 2lb 2oz came along to finish the weekend off. 
I can see myself spending a few more weekends in the same spot.
Heritage Lake – Cambridge Fish Preservation And Angling Society – Terence Evans
I have been a member for 4 years. I travel 50 miles each way to this lake and I love it.
Well worth the money to join the club £35 a year.
A winters sunset over Sutton Gault
Yes I know this photo IS not really fishing related, but a great friend of mine has given me permisision to upload this onto my site. This  a great examples of  how beautiful the fens can be. 
Fantastic photo Vince!

A story from one very happy pike angler

I had quite a result today was fishing my local spot on the River Cam. I only decided to go out fishing at 2 this afternoon as the weather had cleared up a bit, anyway the river was packed with rowers it was like the M25!

I was chatting to a fisherman next to my spot and he was complaining about how rude the rowers were, they were causing him havoc! I was thinking about leaving before I had even set up, they were just sitting there doing nothing!

Anyway they did eventually get moving and I managed to get a popped-up sardine out, and only after 15 minutes I had a solid take, the bite indicator dropped back so the fish must of come towards me, I waited about five seconds and struck into it.

Soon as I saw it I knew it was a PB and after a good fight I only just managed to get it in the net and then the net pole snapped!

The hooks literally came off in the net I was so lucky to get it. Anyway we weighed it and it came in at just over 18lb!

Smashed  my  PB. And I had quite an audience! I think some of the rowers were surprised!. Well first time I’ve been out fishing In weeks and that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught right where I used to fish as a kid. It doesn’t get much better!

Lee Chapman, Cambridge

Here are some cracking fenland pike sent to me from Midlands angler Adrian Aldridge – 18/02/2015

Caught this in October on a sardine. I couldn’t believe how long she was, with a massive head 23lb dead.
Could be touching thirty when spawning.
My friend had this at 24 lb from Old Bedford in 2009.   It weighed 24lb.
It was the fattest pike we have witnessed. My friends name is Nick Warner, and is also from the Midlands.
I caught this on Saturday 14/02/15,  from a fen drain whilst trolling with a bulldawg lure.
I was working the depths and it paid off, she was full of leaches so I must of gone over her head.
She was just over 25 lb and my pb.
I used to think that dead baits for size but no more. I’ve had  a few late teens on lures as well but nothing like this.
I  hope I can get a thirty for your site keep up the good work mate!
Adrian Aldridge
Anyone fancy some home made plugs and lures?
I received an email from a very nice guy I met through a friend last year.
I have fished with him a couple of times. and he is a fantastic lure fisherman.
He has now started making his own lures.
He has sent me some pictures of his work, which I have published below:
If you would like to see more of his work, send an email to the following address:
Fish-a-holic lures



23 Replies to “Your Posts”

  1. Hi Mate
    Fantastic site you have there. I fish the fens a lot at weekends and am a member of Riverwatch. I join Ely Beet, LAA and KLAA and usually Littleport as well.
    Really pleased to read it especially as I live near Sudbury and can only get there weekends. It will keep me in touch with the waters I love.
    Have you considered a Facebook page as they have become very popular with angling clubs etc.
    Sorry I don’t know your name didn’t spot it on site but may well meet you on bank soon.

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you very much for your email, I am glad my website is proving very helpful for you. That is exactly the feedback I like, and what I am trying put across in the website.
      I am looking into starting a Facebook page, it is just a case of getting the time these days.
      Don’t forget to send me some photos of your fenland catches. Would be greatly appreciated. Also check out my diary, this will give you an insight on how the rivers and drains are doing in the area I have covered.
      Tight Lines!

  2. I love the site mate, you can tell you’ve spent some time on it. Definitely need to sort some session before I go into the forces.

    1. Cheers Jamie. Glad you like it. I am hoping to be going on an all night Zander session on the Level very soon. Will keep you posted!

  3. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your website; absolutely brilliant and it has given my loads if ideas.
    As we are coming into the autumn months I would love to walk the drains/rivers with some of my lures and try and catch some Zeds or pike.
    I have fished lures successfully in Ireland for many years and had some success on the cam but have never really got stuck into those fen pike like I should have.
    Would you be able to recommend good day ticket waters, where I can walk the area casting swimbaits etc????
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Your web site has helped a lot but I have no idea where to park etc. I fancy the Ely Ouse but where can you park, what side of river can you fish???
    Thanks very much and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Thanks for your positive feedback on my website. Really helpful. Will take on board your points about parking, so will add to the pages.
      The best day ticket waters in the area in my opinion, are looked after looked after by the Kings Lynn Angling Association. They own almost the whole length of the relief channel and the middle level drain. Good wandering waters and plenty of Pike and Zander. They also have a stretch of the Great Ouse. Check there website out, for more info.
      Web Address:
      Other day ticket drains include the twenty foot river, over towards Peterborough.
      Go to for more info.

      As for the Ely Ouse, head to Ely itself. The best place to park to access the waters I fish in town, is to head to a road called Willow Walk. At the bottom of this road, you will come to a railway bridge. If you go left under the railway bridge, the fishing is £5 for a day ticket and £10 for a season ticket. You can’t miss it, as there is gate with a sign saying Coopers angling club. Best time to go is in the week or on a Saturday. There are matches along this stretch most Sundays. Good wandering water. If you go right towards town, the fishing is free. The best time for the big Zander here, is in the evening. Dead baits work wonders. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,
    I spoke earlier to you earlier on the bank, I’ve had a look through your website and its quite impressive. I’m sure it will help add to my knowledge of fenland fishing! Unfortunately I didn’t get anything today. I stayed in that spot til’ about 4 and I was absolutely frozen! Think next time I’ll try further down and bring a mackerel with me.
    Tight lines

    1. Thanks Lee. Good to meet you earlier. Just keep at it, and you will find that lump. They are there, it’s just being there at the right time. Next time you go, just try a swim for a few hours and then move to a different spot. This time of year, the pike tend to stay in one place. I do the roving approach on the drains a lot. On the rivers, I tend to stay in one swim for the morning and then move if I don’t get anything within a few hours. Glad you like my website, and just keep checking it out. I always try to update it as much as I can. Good Luck!

  5. Hi
    I have just moved to the little Ouse area just down the road from Littleport, I am looking for some still water fishing for carp.
    Please can you possibly recommend any venue’s in the area club or day ticket.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Trevor,
      There a few still waters in the Littleport area. If you go down the A10 toward Downham Market, you will see Dents Farm shop. These have five lakes, which are mainly stocked with Carp. Go to: for more info. Other lakes are Mepal Block Fen A and B, which I have talked about briefly on my website and also if you want to go further a field, you could always try the fenland fisheries lakes, one of which has some good sized cat fish in them. Finally the Burwell Brick pit, which is a up and coming new fishery. There website is:
      I will be visiting this a lot, when the new season kicks in.

      These are the ones I tend to visit, and are available on Club and Day Tickets.
      There are others, but I will be here forever, listing them all lol!

      There is tackle shop in Littleport which will give you more info. It is called Colebys Fishing Tackle, and there number is: 01353 860419.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Hi,
    Loving this site it’s great you give people lots of info. Only the last couple of years ago me and my mate decided to travel the fens areas in hope of a thirty plus pike the first place I tried was Welches Dam, didn’t have much luck but on my way through we went to Welney Old Bedford river I’ve been fishing till now I had great success biggest being 25 pound had lots of 20 pound pike and just below also enjoyed tench fishing.

    I have explored other areas around the fenland one being Ramsey in search for a zander looking on your site I was on the money which was great to find out so thanks.

    Only managed a couple of pike so far looking forward to the winter, wish I lived closer. I will have to send pics.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the website and find it very useful. Looking forward to seeing the photos when you come back down to the fens.

        1. Hi Martin,
          The area around the Ramsey Forty Foot bridge is one of the best areas, however the stretch between Ramsey and Chatteris, can also be very productive.
          Hope this helps!

    1. Not sure.
      I know the Ramsey Forty Foot by the bridge is day ticket, so might be worth checking with the anglng club first (Ramsey and District Angling Association) However the rest of it should be fine.
      I have done it in the past, and done well.

  7. Came across this site yesterday.
    It is one of the best I have seen for the content.
    Keep up the good work, as I will use it for future reference.

    1. Hi Mick,
      Thanks for the great feedback. I always do my best to keep my website updated. Love doing it and great to see that it is starting to be recognised, by fellow anglers like yourself!

  8. Hi,
    Great website some great info, I would like to congratulate the angler in the photos above who caught the pike just over 25lb it’s one of the best looking pike I’ve seen!
    I am going down the fens on Sunday for a weeks holiday predator fishing, has anyone fished the 16ft drain recently or ten mile bank, any info would be great!


  9. Hi and a great site.
    I’m not from around the fens as I live in Harlow Essex and am looking to do some zander fishing .

    Where would you suggest I start as it looks like a black art and no one seem to say a thing .

    I have been pike fishing on the 16 foot quite a bit last year and had some good results 16 in one day.
    Biggest to 22.6lb,but would really like to get in to zander fishing

    Best regards John

    1. Hi,
      The Ely Ouse would probably be a good place to start after the zander.
      I have had a few nice fish from it, and my first ever zed. The sixteen foot also holds a head of zander, but these are very difficult to track down these days.
      However, definitely worth a go, if you fancy a challenge.

      Hope this helps.

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