The Middle Level

The Middle Level is by far my favourite drain. It starts off as the Sixteen Foot Drain then becomes the Middle Level when it reaches the village of Three Holes. This is where Pophams Eau joins it. From here it runs all the way down to Wiggenhall St Germans where it empties out into the Tidal Great Ouse.  I tend to fish it from just outside Outwell down to the village of Magdalene.

It is in it’s best form in the summer months. Expect very large bags of bream, skimmers and tench.

Best Methods and Bait

As this drain is very deep, I tend to stick with the quiver tip and use ground bait cage feeder. The ground bait I use is very sweet, and mixed with hempseed and use double red maggot at the business end. The middle or just off the drop off seems to produce for me every time. As for the conditions, it is best fished when overcast. Can be very clear. I really recommend you give this drain a go.

Pike And Zander

The pike and zander fishing can be hard, but when you get into them, they are usually very nice fish.

Baits And Methods

Standard float and ledger methods work wonders here with sea baits or course. Try to fish in the middle or near bridge supports. The margins can also hold some surprises.

Visit the Predator Gallery for a photo of one of my Middle Level PB’s!



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6 Replies to “The Middle Level”

  1. I’ve always found the upper reaches of the middle level to be obliging for the bigger zeds, which is contradictory to other anglers results in the past. You should give it a bash. Nice website.

    1. You are right there Nick. I have had a few that end. Biggest one was about 9ib. I’m also not miles away from the sixteen foot which later becomes the middle level, also contains a nice head of zander.

  2. Hi
    The Middle Level, I can’t to seem to find details of who the water club is as I would like a day ticket can you help ?

  3. Hi,
    Can you tell me where’s best to go in the summer months for bream. I’d love to take my dad back down here in the summer and show him it’s still full of fish.

    1. Hi Rob,
      The Middle Level,Twenty Foot and the River Great Ouse, all are excellent bream waters during the summer months. Tench also make an appearance.
      I actually had one of my best Bream sessions on the Twenty Foot, during the summer of 2016.
      Definitely worth a go!

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