The Twenty Foot

The Twenty Foot Drain, starts at the Old Nene just outside March and runs towards Peterborough. It is slightly wider then the Forty Foot, and it’s depth varies. It is renowned for it’s pike fishing, but the tench, bream and roach fishing can be just as rewarding.

I tend to fish between Goosetree corner and the junction with the Old Nene. This stretch belongs to March And District Angling Association. I have also fished it at it’s lower reaches at Pondersbridge (Bevills Leam) which belongs to Whittlesey  Angling Association (W.A.A).

Baits And Methods

Bream and Tench

To get the quality fish, the best method is feeder. Magic mixed with hemp, maggots and breadcrumb work a treat. Especially in the deeper areas of the drain between the Old Nene junction and Goosetree corner. Simple waggler methods also works a treat.

Pike and Zander

There are some lovely pike here. 25ib+ fish are not unheard of. There are also some zander. My first trip here caught me a zander just over 11ib. This was on roach dead bait.

The best method I find is a leger setup with mackerel or sardine. Float fished baits also work a treat. Try fishing near reed beds and other features. I have done very well near one of the old railway bridges. The roach shoal up every winter round this. I tend to fish the waggler and catch a few, then use them as live bait. The pike go crazy and I have netted seven in one session. Some were into double figures. 



Most of the Twenty Foot drain is club owned.

Details of the clubs below:

Old Nene Junction up to Goosetree Corner

March And District Angling Association – Visit local tackle shops for info.

Goosetree Corner to Pondersbridge (Bevills Leam)

Whittlesey Angling Association (W.A.A)









8 Replies to “The Twenty Foot”

  1. Nice website mate, I’m enjoying reading about your exploits – takes me back to my own time on the Fens, awesome place and great to fish.

    1. Many thanks Phil for the positive comments.
      That’s the great thing about living in the fens. So much water to explore, and will never run out of places to go.

  2. Hi mate can you tell me what stretches of the Twenty Foot are open to the public please . I’m new to the area and river fishing. Hope to hear from you . Cheers

  3. Hi
    Just started fishing again and had some great times fishing the twenty foot near the water treatment works. A few years ago stages where built which was great. Now all over grown and loads of weeds. Who is responsible for the upkeep and keeping swims free from weed ? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      When I fished it, it belonged to March and District Angling club. I think it still does, but not fished that end of the twenty foot for a long time, so not entirely sure now.

      There is a tackle in shop called Millview, which would have more up to date info on this area of the twenty foot.

      Hope this helps.


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