Ten Mile Bank


Ten Mile Bank is probably one of the more well known stretches and my favourite stretch of the Great Ouse. In the summer the huge bream shoals populate the stretch as well as some very large tench.

In the autumn and winter months, the roach shoals move in, with some good sized pike and zander always nearby.

The pike around here can reach around the 25ib mark and there can be the odd double figure zander lurking along this stretch.

Baits And Methods

For the tench and bream, by far the best method is again the feeder rod. Float will produce, but because of the depth of thr river around here and the boat traffic in the summer, the feeder rod  tends to be the easiest and most productive for me. The boats can be a pain but can also help as the disturbance caused can get the bream on the feed. I do find that if the day is very bright, it can be very slow. The days that seem to produce best are overcast. Early and evening sessions seem to produce the bigger fish. It also helps if there is a flow and some colour in the river.

When it comes to bait, I use a sweet ground bait sometimes laced with a caramel additive and hemp. On the hook, I use double red maggot. Fish meal based ground bait also can produce.

Pike And Zander

Baits And Methods

When it comes to the pike, I use a simple ledger rig with mackerel tail or sardines. These seem be killer baits here in the winter. I do try using roach dead baits, but don’t seem to be as successful.

As for the zander, fresh roach dead baits work a treat aswell as live ones. Lures and shads also do well.

The best time to fish for the zander is at night. They are really a nocturnal feeder. They can be caught in the day, but overcast conditions are best for them.


                                                      Typical bream catch from Ten Mile Bank


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4 Replies to “Ten Mile Bank”

  1. I’m thinking about fishing the Middle Level.
    Will the method work well.
    I hope so.
    Thanks for the tips

    1. Hi Liam,
      Thanks for the comment. There is no harm in trying the method, as probably would get into the tench and bream in there and maybe a marauding carp.
      I always tend to fish the ground bait cage feeder and do very well on that.

      Good luck!

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