Cut Off Channel

The Cut Off Channel was built in the 1950’s/60s and one of the newer additions to the fen drains along with the Relief Channel.

As for the fishing, it is the perfect place to go if you enjoy the peace and quite and a challenge.

In the summer it gets very weedy, and can be difficult to get a swim. From speaking to various people, it seems to be at it’s best during the the winter months. The bream and tench tend to show very well this time of year, as well as the roach. It can also be very moody. I have been down here and have seen no sign of fish anywhere. Then on other visits I have seen fish topping everywhere.

I remember one trip last year. When I arrived at the channel, it was literally stuffed with shoals of roach. The pike were smashing into the shoals from every direction possible. It was a fantastic sight and I had a cracking days fishing!

Baits And Methods

For the bream and tench, most anglers tend to use a feeder rod rigged with a groundbait feeder and maggot. When the shoals of roach around, I have done well with the waggler.

Pike and Zander

There are some lovely pike and zander in here, as I found out last year. However they can be very difficult to find!

Baits And Methods

Dead roach on a simple ledger rig, seems to do well for me. Although sea baits can be productive as well. When the roach shoals are present and the pike hitting  into them everywhere the best method by far, is float fished live baits. They simply smash into the bait.


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4 Replies to “Cut Off Channel”

  1. Hi
    Me and a pal are travelling to Gt Yarmouth first week in Sept and thinking of stopping off to fish a drain on the way as neither of us have fished one before, or caught a Zander. Maybe you could point us to a suitable place that is both easy to find and has parking ?

    Informative site and makes me wish we had more time in the area


    1. Sorry for late reply.

      Have been rather busy with work. Anyway hope you found somewhere, and had a successful days fishing.

  2. hiya wondering if you know of any rivers close to bury st edmunds that hold carp and if u no who runs them. many thanks simon

    1. Hi Simon,
      The nearest rivers are the river lark at Mildenhall and the River Stour at Sudbury. hope this helps. Not sure about the clubs who own them though.
      Hope this helps a bit!

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