Saturday October 14th – Ely Ouse

Had a few hours to spare today, so took my boy back down to the Ely Ouse, for another fishing session, except on this occasion I also took one of my pike rods.

Well after setting up, and casting literally a rod lengths from the edge, we were catching fish from the off.

We were after the roach, but we seemed to be catching some lovely perch, they were really feeding well. If they were not after the maggots we were using, they were attacking the prey fish! Great fun watching them and catching them.

Anyway the float sunk under, and my boy was into a very large fish.

At first I thought I pike may of grabbed a roach, or even possibly a bream or tench, but when the fish surfaced, we were both stunned.

He had caught the biggest perch I have seen for a long time. This was also his PB so far.

Absolute cracker!

My sons biggest perch. One very happy boy! This is exactly why I love fishing so much.

But that was not all. Before the perch showed I had a run on the pike rod.

After a nice scrap, I had a lovely pike. It didn’t bother me that much, as I have had a few of these now, but my boy had never seen one before. He loved it, and now wants to catch his first pike.

Not the best picture, but this was great seeing my boys face when I netted it.

All the perch and roach were caught on stick float tactics, and the pike on a static, ledgered dead bait.

What a great afternoons fishing!



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Friday 13th October – Cut Off Channel

Well as autumn is here, I am now starting to visit my usual evening session haunts.

I always tend to visit this drain this time of year, and always seem to do well in the evenings. It is also one of my favourite drains and perfect, if you want that shelter and that peace and quite.

I arrived here after work, just as it was getting dark, and could see fish topping, which was a good sign. They also continued to top, well into the night, and the water had some slight colour in it which also helped.

Nothing until around half ten, when I had a screamer of a run but missed it!

All I can think it may of been, was either a small jack trying to the mouth the bait which was a medium sized skimmer bream, or even a zander just being very finicky.

Was  gutted, but who cares. It was lovely just being in the depth of the fens, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Despite this misfortune,  I am always positive about this place, as I know that if you do connect to one of the pike and zeds here, they are always a good size.

Good luck for anyone fishing this weekend.

An example of a pike you could be lucky enough to catch in this hard, but picturesque drain.





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Friday 6th October – More fun with the fenland predators!

I had a free evening, so ventured back out after some zeds. I went to the same venue I visited the week before.

It started off very quite then at around 9pm, my left hand rod screamed off. I picked up the rod, and struck into the fish. The fish kept low and was putting up a scrap, and really putting me through my paces.

I knew it wasn’t a zander, and could only guess it was a good sized pike. I didn’t actually see it until I got it into the net.

Once it was in the net, I was about to take it up to the unhooking mat, weigh, and take some photos.

However I found myself in a bit of dilema.

The second rod screamed off and kept on going. There was me standing there with a double figure pike in the net, and not knowing what to do next.

I put the landing net down with the pike in the margins, and struck into the second run.

Thankfully it felt nowhere near as big as the pike, and didn’t fight so hard either, so knew it was zed.

I was hoping that the pike would stay in the net, so at least I could chin the zed out, but as usual my plan backfired. There was as very large splash and the pike managed to clear the landing net and disappear into the depths.

Anyway I managed to get the zed clear of the water, and was left standing there holding a 5ib zed in a state of shock. The pike was a very large fish, easily an upper double, maybe more.

This is the second time it has happened to me, so have now decided to carry two landing nets from now on.

Lesson learned!

Well on the bright side, at least I didn’t blank! lol




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Sunday 1st October – A bit of fun on the Ely Ouse with my boy.

Well my little boy Jake, has been desperate to have a go fishing the Ely Ouse, so I took him.

I decided to go back to my childhood days and use the stick float approach.

There was already people in the swim I wanted, so I wandered down to a spot between two boats.

Could see fish topping and it looked promising.

On his first cast, he had his first gudgeon, which he loved, and surprisingly a gudgeon was my first fish on the stick float when I was a lad, how freaky!

He then had a lovely rudd, and some small roach and a perch.

After about half an hour, the swim I wanted was vacated and we quickly sneaked in.

On Jakes first cast he had a lovely perch. Jake hooked into the fish and landed it perfectly all by himself. He was over the moon, as it was the biggest perch he had ever seen.

Jakes biggest perch.

After we released it, and around ten minutes later he hooked into another big fish, and it was yet another good perch, just slightly smaller than his first one. It was a beauty!

As you can imagine Jake was over the moon, but it didn’t end there.

Not long afterwards, he had his biggest roach.

Anyway we continued for another hour or so, and Jake was still bagging up with roach and perch. He is definitely becoming a pro!

It was a cracking couple of hours sport, and I am really looking forward to taking him on his first pike session. Jake cannot wait!



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Thursday 28th September – Time for some Predators!


Well it’s that time of year again.

Over the last few months, I have replaced worn out gear and line, and wanted to make sure it was up for the job, and ready for another fenland pike and zander season, so off I went.

I finished work, and headed straight down to the fenland venue.

When I arrived there was just a slight breeze, and plenty of fish topping everywhere. The signs were looking good.

I had a wander around, and found a perfect spot. I cast one rod to the left of me. in front of some reeds, literally two rods from the bank and the second rod quite a long way out.

As it started to get dark I had one dropped take, which was most likely a schoolie zander, then it went quite.

At about 10pm, the rod nearest the margins beeped a couple of times, then it was a fantastic run. I struck into the fish. At first I thought it was a pike, but it had that characteristic head shake of a zed, then it surfaced and those eyes reflected in my headlamp.

After netting the fish, admiring it’s beauty, I took some photos and released it back into depths. I was a very happy man.

Zander Number One

After it calmed down in the swim, I made a brew, then as per usual as I was about to take a sip, the rod nearest the margins went off again. After spilling my brew all over the place, I made my down the bank and struck into the fish. Again I thought it was a pike, but when it surfaced it was zander number two, and a good one aswell.

I was very happy, to have one zander in the night, but two, that was a bonus!

Zander Number Two

Both of the zander were caught on bleak deadbaits, but unfortunately I ran out of them.

However I had roach and skimmer deadbaits.

I thought I would experiment with half a roach, as do know these can be quite effective for the zander.

Out it went, then about twenty minutes later the buzzer nearest the margin screamed off again.

At first I thought it was a good Zander, but no, it was a very feisty pike.

Nice lower double pike.

Overall it was a spectacular start to the predator season for me and I am really looking forward to some more sessions like this.

Especially when it comes to the zander, bearing in mind how thin on the ground these are in the fens at the moment.

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Saturday 16th September – Weirpool Fun

Chinese Bridge, Godmanchester

Fancied a change today, so visited the middle reaches of the Great Ouse, which surprisingly is not far from where I live, just in the opposite direction.

Todays session was really a exploration session.

I discovered the venue a while back, after taking a walk with my family across the nearby water meadows, when I came across three lovely weirpools. Never had chance to try them out, so had to give them a go.

I arrived just after first light, and started off in the main pool. It was hard to believe this was in a town centre, as all I was seeing was Kingfishers flitting up and down the bank, the odd dog walker and herons the whole day. Loved it!

The weirpool was teaming with fish and I even saw a good sized eel patrolling the margins, and then disappear into the depths.

The only thing you have to watch is the rocks and boulders around the edges. They go out quite a way, then drop suddenly, and not that easy to see at distance. I was cut off twice because of them.

Anyway nothing major, but once you have worked out where the drop off is, the fishing is brilliant.

I have heard that this area is well known for it’s quality roach fishing, so had to try it out.  I used a feeder setup, with double maggot as bait, and ground bait mixed with hemp.  After throwing a few balls out, and on my first cast, I was into a nice perch. This continued for a while, then the roach switched on.

All the roach were a good size and in immaculate condition. None had signs of missing scales or fin damage. The rumours I heard were true, and I cannot see any reason why this part of the Ouse, can not produce that rare 2ib roach.  This continued for most of the morning, then went quite. After the bites slowed up, I then decided to move to one of the other weirpools and try for a chub.

Hidden Wilderness

After a few minutes walk, I found a overgrown path disappearing into a small wooded area, and arrived at the second pool. At first it was a bit bewildering, but after reading the water, and seeing where the dace and chub were topping. I cast out a line.

After throwing a few cubes of meat in, the rod hooped round and I was into my first fish. I had a great scrap with it, then it disappeared into the cabbages and snagged me on a log. As you can imagine, I was gutted.

I fished it for a few hours, but had nothing else, and returned back to the main pool to get back into the roach action, that kept me busy earlier.

There was another weirpool I wanted to try nearby, but this was full of weed, so not that easy to fish which was gutting. I have decided to return to these weirpools in the winter months when the weed dies down. I am convinced there are some lumps in these pools, and will not stop trying for them.

Other Species

Aswell as the weirpools, there is also a nice stretch of the main river to try. This has all the usual species like bream etc, and can be very good for pike fishing in the winter months, as they feed up on the roach shoals that live here.

I am planning to return to go after the pike at some point in the winter months, so watch this space!

If you want to fish this water, contact for info

Overall it was a lovely days fishing, and I definitely will return.








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Friday 8th September – Catfish Session at Willowcroft

As the summer draws to a close, I just had to give the catfish another go, before the temperatures drop.

On this occasion, I went with two good friends of  mine, who were “catfish virgins”

We got there around lunchtime, and surprisingly the Café Lake wasn’t that busy. The signs were also looking good, carp everywhere and the catfish were showing around the lake aswell.

We were catching good sized carp for most of the afternoon, then the darkness arrived. It was a very quite start, but just after midnight, a buzzer broke the silence, and I could here my mate shouting down the bank. After a surprisingly short fight, he had a lovely catfish of just over 13ib.

As you can imagine, he was very happy and finally popped his catfish cherry!

A very happy mate of mine, Steve Wright with his first catfish.

It went quite for a while, then in the early hours my mate next door to me, had a screamer of run, and hooked into a lump. After about ten minutes, he lost the fish. After chatting to him, he is convinced it was his first catfish. As you could imagine, he was extremely gutted that he wasn’t able to get it onto the bank, and have a few pictures of it, but determined to keep trying.

As for the carp, we had some lovely fish between us, which all put up a great scrap.



Overall it was fantastic afternoon and evenings fishing, and I am hoping to get back for another go, before the temperatures drop too much.

Tight Lines!

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Sunday August 27th – Ely Ouse

Not had a full feeder session on the Ely Ouse for a long time, so visited a swim on the Ely Beet club stretch.

Arrived very early, to see fish fizzing near the far bank, so had a go.

Aswell as the fish, there was a kingfisher which kept on flitting up and down the bank. It even decided to use my rod as a perch, which was an amazing sight.

Cannot beat being out in the fens, at 5am!

Anyway, back to the fishing.

I mixed up the ground bait, and threw a few balls out. Despite the disturbance of the ground bait, the fish were not bothered, and simply carried on feeding.

Right from the off, I was getting a fish a cast. I had plenty of good sized Perch, roach, rudd, and a few bream.

Overall a great session, and will give it another go very soon.



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Friday 25th August – Relief Channel

As summer starts to draw to a close, my attentions are now starting to turn to the now, rather elusive fenland zander.

I had a session the previous week, on the Ely Ouse in the centre of town with a good mate, but blanked. Although I was getting plenty of perch on the drop shot, and lost a small zed, quite late in the night, the bigger ones didn’t show on the static dead baits.

I got to the relief channel, around half six. Plenty of fish about, and a small shoal of Roach were dimpling the service near me. I was thinking it could be a good session. My mate also joined me, later on in the evening.

As the daylight began to fade, we both had a few dropped takes. About an hour before we left my mate had a screaming run, which turned out to be an eel picking up the bait, then dropping it.

This was all the action we had, but something is telling me that this venue could produce a good zed for me, hopefully sometime this season.

I have decided to keep trying this venue for them, experimenting with different methods, just hoping for my first Zed from where it all began.

There is something I really love about this place!



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Thursday 10th August – River Lark

Off work for the week, and spent most of my time on the coast with my family, but was able to squeeze a quick session in on my return.

First session on the Lark this season for me. Could only get a morning in which was a shame, but better than not getting out at all.

Was feeder fishing, and just had a few roach, rudd and some lovely Perch.

Fishing started off very good, but I was being constantly hit by a hungry pike, so the bites began to slow down as the morning carried on.

No bream or tench on this occasion, but great fun anyway.

Will be back again soon.


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