River Welland

This is a very hard river to fish, but once cracked it can produce some surprises.

I tend to just go here for the pike fishing, but have been told it can produce some good bream and tench during the summer months.

Now when I go pike fishing here it tends to be around November and December. I have tried in October and right at the end of the season, but never done aswell. Not sure why, but would love to find out!

Best Methods and Bait

This is actually quite a shallow river, looks very misleading in the photos. Float or simple ledger rigs will work fine, although it can be weedy, so might be an idea to use a pop up rig in some places. I have caught on mini mackeral and my old favourite the sardine. It is best to wander this river, then stay in the same place.



There are a few zander here too. I have had the misfortune of losing a couple of nice specimens!

There is potential for bigger fish, you just need to find them.

Click on this link for more info: http://www.deepingstjamesanglingclub.co.uk/







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  1. Hi myself and 5 others are planning a weeks fishing next August- what would your recommendations for ‘general’ fishing-we are not specialists but equally tend not to like completely contrived commercial venues. In your opinion which town would provide the best central location. Any help greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Steve,
      For the River Welland and the drains in that area, your best place to use as a central location, would be Spalding. A lot of the popular Lincs drains and rivers like the Witham and Glen, are within a half hour drive from there. If you are looking to fish the Middle Level or the River Great Ouse, Relief Channel and the land drains in the area, then Ely or Downham Market would be the best location to base yourselves at. Good luck!

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