Friday 25th August – Relief Channel

As summer starts to draw to a close, my attentions are now starting to turn to the now, rather elusive fenland zander.

I had a session the previous week, on the Ely Ouse in the centre of town with a good mate, but blanked. Although I was getting plenty of perch on the drop shot, and lost a small zed, quite late in the night, the bigger ones didn’t show on the static dead baits.

I got to the relief channel, around half six. Plenty of fish about, and a small shoal of Roach were dimpling the service near me. I was thinking it could be a good session. My mate also joined me, later on in the evening.

As the daylight began to fade, we both had a few dropped takes. About an hour before we left my mate had a screaming run, which turned out to be an eel picking up the bait, then dropping it.

This was all the action we had, but something is telling me that this venue could produce a good zed for me, hopefully sometime this season.

I have decided to keep trying this venue for them, experimenting with different methods, just hoping for my first Zed from where it all began.

There is something I really love about this place!



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