Sunday August 27th – Ely Ouse

Not had a full feeder session on the Ely Ouse for a long time, so visited a swim on the Ely Beet club stretch.

Arrived very early, to see fish fizzing near the far bank, so had a go.

Aswell as the fish, there was a kingfisher which kept on flitting up and down the bank. It even decided to use my rod as a perch, which was an amazing sight.

Cannot beat being out in the fens, at 5am!

Anyway, back to the fishing.

I mixed up the ground bait, and threw a few balls out. Despite the disturbance of the ground bait, the fish were not bothered, and simply carried on feeding.

Right from the off, I was getting a fish a cast. I had plenty of good sized Perch, roach, rudd, and a few bream.

Overall a great session, and will give it another go very soon.



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