Friday 8th September – Catfish Session at Willowcroft

As the summer draws to a close, I just had to give the catfish another go, before the temperatures drop.

On this occasion, I went with two good friends of  mine, who were “catfish virgins”

We got there around lunchtime, and surprisingly the Café Lake wasn’t that busy. The signs were also looking good, carp everywhere and the catfish were showing around the lake aswell.

We were catching good sized carp for most of the afternoon, then the darkness arrived. It was a very quite start, but just after midnight, a buzzer broke the silence, and I could here my mate shouting down the bank. After a surprisingly short fight, he had a lovely catfish of just over 13ib.

As you can imagine, he was very happy and finally popped his catfish cherry!

A very happy mate of mine, Steve Wright with his first catfish.

It went quite for a while, then in the early hours my mate next door to me, had a screamer of run, and hooked into a lump. After about ten minutes, he lost the fish. After chatting to him, he is convinced it was his first catfish. As you could imagine, he was extremely gutted that he wasn’t able to get it onto the bank, and have a few pictures of it, but determined to keep trying.

As for the carp, we had some lovely fish between us, which all put up a great scrap.



Overall it was fantastic afternoon and evenings fishing, and I am hoping to get back for another go, before the temperatures drop too much.

Tight Lines!

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